Why do we need it?

Kids in Oregon are missing out

Kids who attend a high-quality preschool benefit throughout life, growing up to earn more money, commit less crime and lead healthier lives. But with preschool underfunded, thousands of Oregon kids are missing out.

Consumption of sugary drinks continues to rise

At the same time, consumption of soda and other sugary drinks continues to rise, leading to diabetes, heart disease and other soda threats. Soft drinks now account for 13 percent of calories in a teenager’s diet, more than any other individual source.

40% of kids born 2000-2011 will get diabetes in their lifetimes — unless we do something about it. [Source]

Improve children’s lives in Multnomah County

We’re joining together to combat the epidemic of nutrition-related diseases and improve children’s lives. A tax on soda and other sugary drinks will provide much-needed revenue to support preschool, literacy programs, school gardens and more. It’ll also decrease consumption of the sugary drinks directly linked to 25,000 deaths in the U.S. every year.

Join our growing coalition to support a tax on sugary drinks and stand up for our kids and our communities!