Support a Sugary Beverages Tax in Multnomah County

In Multnomah County, children come first. A tax on sugary beverages is the next step toward ensuring our kids grow up healthy and strong.

What it will do

Expand preschool and early education

Kids who attend a high-quality preschool are more likely to graduate from high school and go on to college. The revenue would give kids access to preschool and literacy programs, giving them a head start on learning.

Support physical activity and healthy eating

Early education can lead to a lifetime of healthy habits. Revenue would support programs like school gardens, nutrition education and physical fitness classes to promote healthy eating and exercise for kids.

Reduce diabetes, heart disease and other health threats

Soda and other sugary drinks are top culprits contributing to the life-threatening conditions harming our communities. In other cities, similar taxes have reduced consumption of sugary drinks by nearly 10 percent – and invested millions in programs that support healthier choices for kids.

Why do we need it?

Kids in Oregon are missing out

Kids who attend a high-quality preschool benefit throughout life, growing up to earn more money, commit less crime and lead healthier lives. But with preschool underfunded, thousands of Oregon kids are missing out.

Consumption of sugary drinks continues to rise

At the same time, consumption of soda and other sugary drinks continues to rise, leading to diabetes, heart disease and other health threats. Soft drinks now account for 13 percent of calories in a teenager’s diet, more than any other individual source.

We can improve children’s lives in Multnomah County

We’re joining together to combat the epidemic of nutrition-related diseases and improve children’s lives. A tax on soda and other sugary drinks will provide much-needed revenue to support preschool, literacy programs, school gardens and more. It’ll also decrease consumption of the sugary drinks directly linked to 25,000 deaths in the U.S. every year.

Join our growing movement to support a tax on sugary drinks and stand up for kids and our communities!


A growing coalition

The Coalition for Healthy Kids and Education is a group of doctors, parents, health experts and community leaders supporting kids in Multnomah County.

Endorsed by nearly 100 local organizations and small businesses! Click here to see the full list. 

Frequently asked questions

How will it work?

Distributors of beverages will pay a tax of 1.5 cents per ounce on sugary drinks including soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, sweetened teas and other beverages that have added caloric sweeteners. It does not affect infant formula, milk products or natural fruit and vegetable juices. The tax will not be charged to retailers.

Where will the money go?

Half of the revenue will go toward expanding access to quality preschool programs for thousands of children in our community. The remaining funds will be invested in programs that promote literacy, physical activity and healthy eating habits for kids.

Who is the opposition?

The big soda industry has spent millions to defeat similar measures in other cities and protect their profits. In Multnomah County, the American Beverage Association, which represents big soda, is the main backer behind the opposition campaign.

Have more questions? Get the facts on our FAQ page.